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Our Services

At Mayo Rape Crisis Centre we provide the following services:

Get Help

At Mayo Rape Crisis Centre, you can get help, advice and support if you have been recently assaulted.

Disclosure Training

Our recently updated Disclosure Training, developed by Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) aims to help people know how to respond appropriately and with compassion when someone discloses an experience of sexual violence.

Awareness Raising

We work at a local level to raise awareness and challenge perceptions about the causes and impact of sexual violence.

Free Counselling for Survivors

We offer professional, specialised one-to-one counselling to anyone who has experienced any form of sexual violence.

Sexual Assault Treatment Units (SATU)

SATUs  provide specialist care for women and men aged 14 years and over who have recently been sexually assaulted or raped.  The specialist team of SATU staff provide easily accessible, holistic services which address the medical, psychological and emotional needs and appropriate follow-up care for victims of sexual crime, in a supportive, sensitive manner.

Legal Support

If you would like to find out what reporting a crime of sexual violence would involve and talk it through, we can help you with this.

Free Counselling for Family / Friends

Mayo Rape Crisis Centre also offers free, confidential and specialised information and support sessions for partners, family members and friends so that they may better support survivors.

Addtional Resources

Further useful links and information