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Teen Sexual Violence

Teenage sexual violence is any act (verbal and/or physical) which breaks a person’s trust and/or threatens their safety and is sexual in nature. Victims/survivors of sexual assaults are forced, coerced and/or manipulated to participate in the unwanted sexual activity. Criminal sexual contact, sexual harassment, sexual stalking on the Internet and lewdness are also forms of sexual violence.

Sexual assault is the legal term for rape and includes vaginal, oral or anal sex without the victim’s consent or with a victim who is unable to consent.

 Date Rape

Date Rape is forced or coerced sex between; partners, dates, friends, friends of friends or general acquaintances.

Date Rape can be coerced both physically and emotionally - some emotional tactics include; threats to reputation, threats to not like you, name calling, saying you "brought it on" or "really want it", threats to break up and threats to say you did it even if you didn't.

If a person has had too much to drink or is on drugs they can not consent to sex and having sex with them is legally rape.

There are certain date rape drugs that render the victim unconscious and limit memory; Rohypnol, GHB, ActiveSeX, Roofies, Ruffies, Roche, R-2, Rib and Rope are all names describing a date rape drug. These drugs are odorless and tasteless and difficult to detect when in drinks or mixed with other drugs.

Date rape drugs may be difficult to trace but evidence of intercourse is not, and in cases where use of these drugs is suspected evidence of rape standards are lower.

Date Rape is the most common form of rape (78%) .

Although girls are more often victims of rape, guys are not safe - they can be raped too.

NO MEANS NO! If a person says no to sex (no matter how quietly or unconvincingly) and you go ahead with it anyway, that is rape.


 Abusive Teen Relatoinships

 Don't buy into "love is blind"

If relationships started off abusive, then no one would ever date. Dating abuse slowly rears its ugly head over time, as the relationship progresses. Before you know it, you have fallen in love with the person who is treating you badly.

Know the red flags of dating abuse

Dating abuse is all about power and control over another person. Do you fight a lot? Is he/she mean to you? Do they put you down? Do they text you obsessively and need to know where you are, who you are with and what you are doing? Do they want you to spend all of your time with them?

Set the bar high

You deserve to be in a safe, healthy and loving relationship. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. When you love yourself, you can love other people, and they can love you back in a healthy way






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