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Mayo Rape Crisis Centre exists to prevent and respond to the crimes of Rape, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence.

Ethos & Principles

We achieve our mission through maintaining the highest levels of expertise in our provision of professional counselling, advocacy, support, specialist training and raising awareness tot he reality of Sexual Violence.

We are an independent, expert, dedicated, communtiy-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) made up fo staff, volunteers, our Board and supporters. We believe in: 

* The right of every child, woman and man to live free from Sexual Violence and the threat of Sexual Violence

* The right to free, confidential, accessible, safe, expert, trauma-based support for all survivors of any form of Sexual Violence

* Working in partnership with our service users, who have unique insights anda re active participants in their survival and recovery

* We adhere to the Children`s First Policy in Child protection issues

* Accountability - our own, our funders, our statutory systems, our communities

*Working in partnership with a range of community and statutory agencies to ensure informed, fit-for-purpose respones to servivors of Sexual Violence

* Continual learning regarding the nature fo Sexual Violence crimes and best practice responses for victims, including continuing to learn through listneing to survivors

* The valuable contribution of each volunteer, staff and Boards member and the shared responsibility for taking care of the impact of working with Sexual Violence

Mayo Rape Crisis Centre is a safe place where our expertise and dedication meets each survivors unlimited potentaislf or healing and recovery, as we accompany them on their individual and unique journey. 


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Mayo Rape Crisis Centre