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  • Tuesday, 05 November 2019

Mayo Rape Crisis Centre has marked 25 years of supporting women and men who have suffered sexual abuse and violence. A tree-planting ceremony to mark their 25 year milestone took place on Monday the 21st of October at Lough Lannagh in Castlebar and a total of 25 native trees will be planted.

"What is really moving for me is the spot where our 25 trees will be planted is actually quite a public spot. It`s a public spot and yet the issue that we deal with is often very private, shrouded in shame and secrecy. So there is something about planting the trees in a public spot, in such a beautiful place surrounded by nature, that means we are giving dignity to someone who is a victim or a survivor. There is no shame or no secrecy if you have been a victim of this crime," said Loretta McDonagh Director of Services.

Founder members Ruth MacNeely and Fiona Neary addressed Mondays gathering. Ruth MacNeely praised the survivors who have gone on to help safeguard others in their communitites: "I want to salute the creativity, the courage, the wisdom and the imagination of all the survivors, women and men who have come through the door of the Centre. You will never know what they have done in their own families, communitites, workplaces, schools and how they have changed things for other people and other children."

Trees can be sponsored at a cost of €25, please phone the Centre on 094 9025657

Mayo Rape Crisis Centre